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Kevin Lopez

Okay, here are some pictures

I bought everything from here, except the extruder which I got on ebay. I tuned it up the way the tutorial said, and it seemed to actually be pretty good from the start, but the bearing wasen’t spinning. All that is fixed. The z axis has 6.5 inches of travel.

I am running the recommended settings, .4mm nozzle. I tried going to .3 and changing the software. I got better prints(obviously), but the uneven texture was still there. But now that I look closer at the print, it seems as though it is software. The sample piece on the picture has rafts, and as you can see, some parts of the cylinder are way cleaner than others. The top and bottom look way cleaner than the middle.

I want to print idealy at around 45mm/s. This printer is going to be making mostly structural parts, so I chose PLA cause it shrinks less. Dimensional accuracy is most important to me, so I am considering printing slower because it’s worth the tradeoff.