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Ever onward!

17th image: Cleaned up slightly since yesterday and brought out more parts since there was table space again.

18th image: Set two Z axis steppers out and threaded their wires through that nifty slot just behind their mount.

19th image: Mounted the steppers and laid out the leadscrews and nuts. Note that the nuts on the leadscrews will mount from the bottom of that bracket.

20th image: OK, I cheated a little and will reorder a bit for the next one. I pulled the X axis assembly off in order to screw the nuts in place. It was just so much easier. I didn’t have the correct screws and used #4×3/4″ sheet metal screws, #6s were too large to fit cleanly through the holes in the brass nuts. I’ll swap these for 1/2″ at some point to keep them from sticking out at the top. I don’t see these screw in the BOM, was I supposed to use something different? Note that you are forced to move the coupler up a bit from the stepper in order to fit the alen wrench in. This is a ‘good thing’. 🙂