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One more tonight…

21st image: Here we’re mounting the X axis stepper, wires should point toward the side or possibly down.

22nd image: Mounting the toothed pulley on the stepper. I’ve threaded the belt through the other side to try an get alignment right. Note the the set screw side is away from the stepper, it won’t align right otherwise.

23rd image: A bit tougher to see… The belt is threaded through with one end in the toothed slot at center, then around the bearing, back across, around the stepper pulley and back to the center where it’s connected using two zip ties. One zip tie makes a loop to set tension, the other pins he belt into a loop. I haven’t yet trimmed the zip ties so you can see it better.

24th image: I had to pull the rear mount for the Y axis belt. With it mounted the nuts holding it in place were just too much in the way of putting in screws for the stepper. Next time that stepper will get mounted much earlier.

That it for now, I’m OOP this week so won’t be able to continue until next weekend.

Looking ahead a step it looks like the teeth that hold the end of the belt for the Y axis (Y_Block) are on the wrong side… Does anyone have a good image showing the belt connections under the bed? And where do the three springs go?