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Bill- Same server. I use memchached, amazon CDN, and the regular caching stuff. So all the pictures, .js, and .css is on the Amazon CDN. The rest is okay, I am getting 80-90 on the page speed test pages with a load time of 1.2-1.8 seconds. We were really just beating up the CPU. I think This Theme is getting a little old so I am working on a new one, with hopefully a smaller footprint. The trend it seems these days is Things like Avada and Divi, they have all the bells and whistles built in and it cuases a slow load time. I am hunting for a them built lean and mean now that I don’t have to worry about woocommerce. I think I have found one. I have been tweaking it on my staged copy of the site, looks pretty good.

Gyrnik- Can you give me some examples? The aluminum motor mounts won’t work and aren’t needed anymore.

On my end I have been working to take out some of the manual labor involved in the bundle. They take a lot of time to put together. I have slowly been getting things worked out and sourced. I hope to drop the price a bit if I can. Kinda funny but things like counting and bundling Zip ties actually ended up costing a ton of money If I paid someone minimum wage to do it. The new bundles will be coming will 4 times the cable ties just because it is easier/cheaper by about half to get them pre-packaged. Things like the ramps boards and mk8 extruders are the worst. I know you can buy them from aliexpress or ebay cheaper, but then 2 things happen. Bad components and slow shipping. I hand assemble and test all the boards that is by far the largest cost in the bundles right now. I got 2 batches of 220 drv8825’s that do not work…imagine trying to buy on from ebay and return the driver! My supplier is going to assemble them from now on but I still have to flash and test every single one, 3 axis and the LCD. The mk8’s are the best extruder but they are assembled incorrectly. I am going to start buying these assembled and just put them together right instead of taking them apart and fixing, then re assembling. The last 200 or so extruders I bought at different times all had the hot end insulation trapped in the nozzle so I had to unclog them before they were even used…Maybe I just need to go back to china and find someone to do it my way.