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Here is a link to program.

Bofferle created a nice Assembly guide that gave me the formula I needed to calculate the pipe lengths, threaded rod & Belt lengths. I started to make a spreadsheet to do this, but then thought it might be more useful to write a simple Visual Basic .net program to do this.

In the program all you need to do is enter the X, Y & Z numbers for the layout you require, then hit calculate. There is also a Machine Layout tab that will give you a simple 2d visual of what your layout will look like. Click the Draw Layout button to draw it. The gray area shows the usable space. The size I have decided to make is 28x20x6.1 which should work with belt length that came in the kit of parts from here. I might make some custom kitchen cabinet doors & wanted a size big enough for my biggest door.

You can refer to the assembly guide on this site to see how these numbers are calculated. I put the constants used in the calcs on the screen in case these change for some reason. They are grayed out by default to keep you from accidentally changing them.

This is a Windows .net program & requires at least .net 3.5. It should work under Windows XP but have not tried it there yet.
Your virus software may complain when you run this program as it is a new program. At least Norton on my machine complained.

Here is a link to the program in a zip file & a couple of screen captures of what it looks like. You can put the program in any folder you like as there is only one file.

Feel free to make some suggestions for changes.