Reply To: Assembly Instructions



In calculating the length of belt, adding just 2″ to the length of the pipe seems 2″ to 3″ short to me. This is with using the Mechanical Belt tightener accessory which looks like I need less belt for that than the original way of wire tying at the corners. Here are the dimensions I have for my CNC:

X=20, Y =28, Z=6.1
X Conduit Lengths: 31″ x 3
Y Conduit Lengths: 39″ x 3
Z Conduit Lengths: 14″ x 2

Z Threaded Rod Length: 12″

X Belt Lengths: 33″ x 2
Y Belt Lengths: 41″ x 2

Looks like I loose a little over 5″ of belt length at the motor, so I can not see how adding just 2″ will work. Did I miss something here?