Reply To: MK9 Extruder



Sorry for editing your post hope you understand why.

Thank you WE did win!!!!!! They will announce it officially tomorrow!!!!I say we because I only got 1 vote so I couldn’t have done it without people like you! Seriously.

Should be #11 in marlin for the thermistor if it is the same as mine. Took me a few tries to get that right myself. No drilling. Change the firmware and try again. Make sure the teeth aren’t all packed with shredded filament.

I clean the nozzle by heating them up pushing PLA in by hand and keep pressure on it. Then turn off the heat. at the right temp…about 150 I think… pull it out it should stretch and pullout the bad crap. once you get it right it is super easy. I did 5-10 nozzles a day at an old job for a while.