Reply To: MK9 Extruder



I printed the correct parts, but I can’t get this printrbot to print holes the correct size, as a result I have to drill the holes out and it’s so hard to get them right. Annoying.

I also chose to calibrate the printer while I was half way through printing the Z parts without thinking about how the difference would screw my parts. Also annoying. I got there in the end though and I’m really enjoying this machine you’ve created.

The video with the DW660 is awesome, super exciting. It’s eating that oak alive.

I can’t get DW660 in AUS, we have a Makita that’s similar in spec that I mentioned in the other thread, if I get one and send you the measurements of the body would you be able to whip up a mount that fits similar to the DW660 one you are running? Happy to send you a donation over Paypal for it?