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You’re not looking for plumbing pipe, you need electrical conduit. I know it is available in your area. I have 3 users living and using them there. I’m sure one of them will chime in at some point. Plumbing pipe is made to flex/give a bit so it doesn’t break when things move. Electrical conduit is made to span longer distances so less mounting hardware is needed for install.

Look at the international edition on thingiverse, all of those parts would need to be parametric. That is a huge undertaking, then each tool mount after that would need to parametric. I would not even know where to begin writing that program.

I am doing my best to support both current builds and develop another build that is more universal. I had no idea how well this was going to work, everyone told me I would be lucky to mill HD foam. Now that the concept has been proven and far exceeded expectations, on to a new build that looks and performs better while making production and assembly easier with parts available worldwide. Tall order.

Hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way, just trying to state my position so we can all focus on developing a better build with commonly available parts that are inexpensive. Problems are very easy to solve when you throw money at them (cast steel parts, huge bearings, specialized hardware), I’m more interested in getting this in everyone’s workshops for the smallest cost possible.