Reply To: Australian tube options



I have sold a lot of kits to Australia, there must be something that works. I really want to find something that works for you guys, other than building and maintaining a 3rd version.

Might be able to get a different size bearing that would work. If you point me to an inexpensive bearing supplier in Australia I can see If I can find a drop in replacement. This could be a great option, or really expensive.

Carbon fiber won’t work, I’m sure it would de-laminate or just wear out to fast. Titanium would be awesome!

How much does it cost to get these options shipped to you? I can send conduit, but it is a lot of work right now and shipping will be high. I checked shipping to the UK last weekend and it was $67, not including my time and materials. If I go get a metal chop saw I can get that time way down. I’m thinking I could get it there for about $80-$85. I wouldn’t really be making anything on that but it is an option.

Check for extruded aluminum sources, 25mm is common even here. You’ll want thick walled.

Any other Ideas?