Reply To: Australian tube options



I have a supplier just around the corner from me, here in Sydney.

They have Stainless Steel at 25.00mm OD x 1.6mm wall x 3 meter lengths. I have not yet purchase this but I will be going over to their yard next week to investigate and measure, this stainless steel tube, I think should be fine. They have also offered to cut too any lengths that I require, the pricing per 3M length would be around the $100AUD mark, but this I can confirm at a later date.

If you are here in Australia and your are interested in this tube, or any other that I may find, just hit me up in this thread and I will see what we can do!

I’m trying not to deviate from the 25.00mm OD as this creates issues for Vicious1. If there are any more then the current two sized prints on parts, people are going to start to print the wrong parts, and this is bad for everyone!