Reply To: Australian tube options



Aluminum Tube should be fine with enough wall thickness.

That is part of the problem there are videos out there of people’s machines not working and fitting too tight or loose and it is because they accidentally mixed standard and international parts, bad press…, and any add on I make I need to make it several times, when other people make an add on they usually only make it for their version. Fragmented design is not a good trend.

The prices you guys are seeing seem high. Am I right in assuming my prices even with high shipping will be a better option?

I am racking my brain trying to come up with a solution to fit all tubes within a 5-10mm range, and keep accuracy and square. In a few weeks I should have time to really dedicate to this.

Definitely not ignoring you guys, I am always trying new things. A universal Version 2 needs to happen.