Reply To: Australian tube options



As it is this is very complicated to get the geometry right. I have zero experience with openscad and from what I know about it would take a tremendous effort to do this. I am extremely fluent in solidworks I am confident I can just make a universal design that everyone can benefit from. Openscad would lead to an extremely fragmented build (think android OS). Any one who made an upgrade or add on would also need to be designed in this manner or it wouldn’t work with anyone else builds but there own. Since this keeps coming up, I understand everyone thinks openscad is the best option but I do not. If I can get a universal build to work with a range of sizes say + or minus 5mm diameter the parts could then be printed or molded, with molded parts being even more rigid and longer lasting and add ons only needing to be designed once. Look through thingiverse and you will see several add ons only made for 1 build size and not both, that’s a lose lose to me.

I hope to put serious effort into a new version in a few weeks. My main goal is one build for a wider range of rail sizes and make it compatible with the hardware people already own. So if people with version 1 want to make version 2 hopefully they will not need to buy anything but some more filament.

I hope this makes sense and doesn’t seem rude.