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Question was asked about post process file

Thanks for sharing this post processor. Just tried it out briefly with one of the CAM examples in Fusion 360. What are you using to send the g-code?

I use Pronterface, and it wants a “.gcode” file extension, where this post processor outputs a “.tap” file. This is not so important, as Pronterface can read the .tap, but then the comment syntax causes an error (“[WARNING] raw G-Code line “/” could not be parsed”). Pronterface reads comments with a semicolon “;” rather than the “/”.

I found a post processor for Marlin a while back (link not included as comment won’t post), which seemed to work reasonably well, but tried to home the machine (as a 3D printer would) at the beginning of a toolpath. I made a few adjustments so so that it zeros the machine at the start and sends it back to zero at the end. I just compared the output of your script to the one I have, and noticed some differences in the length of the file, probably just caused by using different tolerances (yours is longer, so I suppose it makes smaller moves).

I still don’t have my machine cutting yet, but have done a few simple tests with a pen, and the g-code produced by the post processor I have seems to work OK. Haven’t tested yours out, but was wondering if yours can pause for tool changes. Is that even possible on a Marlin based system? Would that depend on the g-code sender?

Here’s a link to the modified post processor I have used: