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I’m planning to use a Smoothieboard clone called MKS Sbase running smoothieware firmware.

There are some advantages that led me to want to use a smoothieboard, and some advantages to this clone over the standard smoothieboard, certnaly mor ethen I could list here, but here is the short version.
first, smothieboard was designed to work with cnc. Making changes doesn’t require recompiling, they are simply text file changes in a config file. So for hacking around and experimenting its great. also the board has built in sd card adapter, usb and Ethernet (has a web interface and telnet). I plan to ultimately use it though internet to reduce possible interference issues with usb. The clone board I am using uses DRV8825 so it can handle up to 2.5a steppers and 16 or 32 micro steps (jumper changeable). Also I can, and will set it up so I am using a dedicated driver per stepper. it also includes spindle control and rpm loopback option for accurate speed control, which id intend to use if I go to an er11 or something down the road. and there is more.. best to go to the smoothieware sight if your intrigued.

I became aware of smootheboard / smoothiewear when I retrofitted a 3d printer with it, and found how well it worked and how flexable it is..
downside is the actual smoothieboard is about 150 bucks for a 5 driver board, but the clone board I am using can be had for under 100 bucks, I got mine for around 60 bucks. ymmv