Reply To: Axis Binding



Seems you weren’t far off, I’ve already been testing different current settings and just never found the sweet spot, eventually I did some research on the drivers and realised they are just garbage (chinese cheap crap), I have active cooling on them and heatsinks but it doesn’t help as most of the heat is actually sent out the bottom of the chip into the PCB, if the PCB is garbage then they will overheat no matter what cooling you place on top.

I had a couple of genuine Pololu DRV8825’s around that I then installed on my X and Y and the skipping steps went away (1/32 microsteps are nice too, smooth, sounds strange though :).

BUT the misalignment on my Y axis is still killing me. It’s so bad that one of the three bearings on the roller block on the left side of Y doesn’t even touch the conduit!

So frustrating, as you say a solid base is important and it seems in Australia it’s hard to get that sorted as our Conduit is utter crap, and the printrbot just isn’t good enough to print the parts either. Sooo more money down the drain as I pay to reprint the rollers. Wow it’s getting costly now.

Going to have to find some better 25mm tube also.

The chinese MK9 was garbage also, I’ve now replaced that with a E3d v6 and EzStruder and the extrusion is now sweet as, just can’t get the damn thing aligned good enough to print properly. Frustrating.