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This is how I see all forums :- You EITHER, have people that winge (whinge) and complain, along with moderators that think they are always right and could never be wrong, so a useless waste of time arguments, in postings will continue! OR, you have this Vicious Forum, where people love the product, are being fully involved with building the product, and put forward valuable information, to help others. The most important thing, and the reason I do like this forum, is that the owner, Vicious1 can announce publically that he is only human. This was proved to me by the fact that he went and checked again and found a small error. Then he push every other thing, including packing for his move, aside, to rectify his small mistake, and update all drawings. I say good on you Vicious1, my hat comes off to you sir, and keep up the great work!

Now lets get back to building and producing end products with this baby!