Reply To: Print Quantity



The total cost including cutting the 12 pieces will be $216.00 plus GST.
Not cheap but I have account with John Turks, and their supply only
cost for a 3mtr length was $96 plus GST. So I figured that this was
an ok price. Also their material cost only is $120.00 plus GST. so if
you want to just purchase and cut yourself!

Their name is BES Electrical Supplies, their contact number is 02 9675 7888
Ask to speak with Graeme, and let them know that you had been speaking with Greg
from NAVCO Australia. That way, he knows what the material is for! They also have
other conduit there but I went with this one due to the size and finish.

Also when I went over their to measure the material it measures very accurate.

The cutting list that I gave them was as follows :-

2off 885.0mm
1off 875.0mm
2off 340.0mm
2off 720.0mm
1off 710.0mm
4off 120.0mm

hope that helps.