Reply To: Print Quantity



Sorry I meant to say 50% on the corners.

I have yet to hack my Devinci 1.0a 3D Printer as yet. not even sure if I will!

So I use the default slicer called XYZware. Now during the slicing you only have the following 3D Densities available.
Hollow 0%, Low 5, 10 and 15%, Medium 20, 25 and 30%, high 50% and solid at 90%.

As per your link the block is 40% and the lock is 70% so I used the best and closest for me, being 50% on both of these parts.

From here on though if you have suggested 70% I will be printing at 90%, as this will be the closest, unless I see reason, due to design stress points to print lower at 50%.

So far I’m happy with my prints though and they cleaned up very nice, with a perfect fit. I know this because I picked up my 25.0mm SS tube today!