Reply To: Print Quantity



For the price it is a great 3D Printer. The ABS print are very clean and accurate.

On the weekend I had a very small pit in the glass bed, not thinking to much about it
I keep printing over it. Two prints later a 20 x 10mm slither of glass was pulled out of the middle of the bed.

I rand the supplier, Mwave, they in turn contacted their supplier and now they have a new Glass bed plus heater ready for pickup. all covered under warranty.

I have read the Glass that comes standard with this printer is cheaper, expected, so the replacement glass apparently is Borosilicate so the thermal co-effiency should be better, as this was the problem with the cheap glass. Also I use Glue stick to hold down my jobs to the glass, works well but I have seen where people are starting to use Hair Spray for this.

Apart form the above I have had no other issues, touch wood!