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Thanks, the parameter (#define min_software_endstops false) is set correctly.

I use Estlcam but the Gcode generated contains negative values. In example, see the Z command G01 Z-1.0000 F10.000 S24000 hereunder

;Project Soldier outside
;Created by Estlcam version 8 build 8,064
;Machining time about 00.04.24 hours

M03 S24000
G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z0.0000
G00 Z210.0000

;No. 1: Part 1
G00 X74.1044 Y1.1912
G00 Z0.5000
G01 Z-1.0000 F10.000 S24000
G01 X73.5951 Y0.2301 F20.000
G01 X73.5405 Y0.0391
G03 X74.0590 Y-0.5000 I0.4993 J-0.0387

I really don’t know how to solve this matter…any suggestion?