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No, I don’t use endstops at the present moment.

Now with three lines changed the Z problem is solved, but still I have some negatives in X and Y (see above)

;Project Base
;Created by Estlcam version 8 build 8,100
;Machining time about 00.05.27 hours

M03 S24000
G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z10.0000
G00 Z20.0000

;No. 1: Part 1
G00 X18.9782 Y-0.4745
G00 Z10.5000
G01 Z9.0000 F10.000 S24000
G01 X19.9984 Y-0.5000 F20.000
G01 X180.0016
G01 X181.0218 Y-0.4745
G03 X197.9492 Y10.0974 I-1.0228 J20.4754
G03 X200.4984 Y19.7444 I-17.9434 J9.9019
G01 X200.5000 Y280.0016
G01 X200.4602 Y281.2770
G03 X180.0016 Y300.5000 I-20.4602 J-1.2770
G01 X19.9984
G01 X18.9782 Y300.4745
G03 X1.7576 Y289.3523 I1.0228 J-20.4759
G03 X-0.4984 Y280.2556 I18.2424 J-9.3523
G01 Y19.7444
G01 X-0.4602 Y18.7230