Reply To: Australian tube options



Laserman can’t see an option to PM you, do you have any idea price on sending 2 cut lengths to Melbourne. This would be for 2 machines, first would be 3*1200 + 3*750 + 2×300 (leaving 50mm for cuts, if not enough make the 1200’s progressively smaller). The second is 750 x 3 + 355.6 x 2 + 1170 * 3 (leaving 28.8 for cuts if more is needed make the 1170’s progressively smaller). Postage would be to 3021. Havent completely decided on lengths, and am not sure we dont want to both stretch into the 3rd tube but lengths are pretty close. You can either reply here or email garry(dot)stone(at)vu(dot)edu(dot)au