Reply To: Australian tube options



the stumbling block seems to be Australia post not liking lengths of parcel above 1.05 metres, using the rest of the figures and calculating weight at 8kg parcel post would be $21.05. (based on being sent from sydney, not sure your actual location in NSW). Couriers please would be not a lot more $22.88 from Sydney with no signature required ($25 with signature) and no hassles on length, and they would pick up from your home or business, and I could do they payment from here and email you the consignment note.

To answer one of your earlier questions cost seems largely dependent on cost of printed parts.

Given printed parts use 2kg of filament (2 spools) the plastic itself is probably going to cost $50 plus whatever the person printing takes on top if you dont have access to a printer. (if you don’t have access to a printer I can certainly print your for cost of Plastic + post)
The vitamin kit from vicous seems pretty good value at US$ 240 which today is $AU 330, cant see any postage options here so dont know what that will be.
If you take your tube at $70 a length and for your dimensions you would need 2 lengths and probably some extra belt in the above vitamins kit from vicous.
Australian price is in the $500 ball park plus whatever you are using for a spindle.