Reply To: Australian tube options



Thanks for the update. I have an UP! Plus 2 3D printer, it only has a 140mm print bed, but is really accurate and produces nice prints. I’m upgrading to the massive 3D Beast ( with it’s 470 x 435 x 690mm build space, but the UP! should work for now, just need to find some $$ and get some more filament.
I need to print some 230mm wide parts for my telescope, so am looking forward to the bigger printer.
Shipping of the alloy would be either from Orange NSW 2800, or Mudgee NSW 2850, I can probably get it cut pretty precisely once you have decided the lengths you want. I’ll get it checked to make sure it is nice and straight if you do want to get some. I’ll be buying some for myself, just trying to decide on the dimensions that I want.
BTW, what is a decent spindle that is available in Oz? Mostly cutting plastic sheets up to 3mm, and maybe some MDF.