Reply To: Australian tube options



Thanks for the offer vicious, the price from laserman for the 3mm walled alu tubing actually works out cheaper as i can get 2 sets couriered for around $30, and I have a feeling the reduced weight of the alu tube would be an advantage over the galv conduit.

Laserman re the spindle: I have a birthday tomorrow and my wife was keen for me to have something bought and boxed to open so went with the makita RT0700CX from total tools . Had a look around the shapeoko forums and alot of the Australians have chosen this and seem happy with it, I don’t have anything specifically planned to do with the mill, but I’m assuming at this point alot will be woodwork, and the odd bits of aluminium and plastic.

Just tried for a quote from “couriers please” from both Mudgee and Orange and they don’t pickup, but transdirect use road express from both mudgee and Orange and is like $32 so not a big deal there. If you have a preference for a local courier with national affiliates let me know and ill choose based on your preference.

Yeah once I decide on lengths will get back to you, will be doing a quick look at the recycle centre at the local tip tomorrow, not expecting to find what I want, but will be cheap if its there else will finalise sizing and get back to you.