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Thanks! So the changes basically eliminate some unsupported gcode generation with “;” insertions in some functions and “//”‘s out other functions all together. You also bring Z up 15mm on a tool change.

One thing I did not figure out is what happens at the very end. Does it not return to the origin? When I used the original “post” file the tool seemed to lift, then dropped to the model surface again then returned to the origin while dragging across the model surface. I thought that this was just a problem with my Fusion CAM settings. I still may misunderstand the meaning of some the different height settings in CAM. Is there any way get to simulate the entire tool path from and to the origin? Even with full tool path selected it just starts and ends at the milling operations.

Sorry I have been too busy/lazy to run the diff above 🙂 I will eventually get around to running the new version to see what happens.