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thanks for that.

for 1” tube i meant 25mm. although alu & steel tube is in inches from my supplier. so its 25.4mm OD?
i was thinking of 303 stainless rods. thats all i can find at 25mm. a little pricey but should reduce wear.

I know the rest is probably a bit overkill & well ive decided to just try it with nema17’s…. 86oz versions & the Gt2’s at first.
but i will still use the bob & spindle/vfd setup. thats just my own preference really.
I will probably end up beefing it up though with 23’s & better pulleys just to see if it can run faster πŸ˜‰

ive ordered the bob/steppers/bearings/bolts etc.

just need to buy tube or rods now & sort out the spindle setup.

do you have any idea on what the max feedrates you are running for acrylic? like whats the max DOC & stepover etc.
i want this to be as fast as possible so just forward thinking.