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Do you plan on releasing any more of the cad files at any time?

The reason I am asking is because there is a chance that I will get a research grant through my college to get to design and build something cool. I was planning on redesigning every part from scratch and adding a few unique twists to this project. I am not saying that your parts are bad (I am about half way through printing my mpcnc and the parts are coming out great!), but it would just be too easy to print another set of parts and put one together. The grant lasts a year, and even with redesigning every part I probably wouldn’t be able to use up all of that time. I just wanted the cad files to get measurements off of them because I still can’t seem to get the tolerances correct when I design parts that are going to be 3D printed. I can still just run the parts through autodesk mesh enabler and that will let me get measurements off of them, but it would suck and take a while.

I do plan on fully crediting you for you inspirational design and work in getting the software settings figured out. That will be included in my proposal and in any documentation throughout the project. Also, in the end I would release everything I have on thingiverse, also crediting you for the design and probably suggesting to people to stick to the tried and known good design.