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Oh wow, I thought I was just useless but I feel better now.

I printed the Middle parts myself, didn’t fit the 25mm conduit, ended up drilling the bearing holes out so much that the parts weren’t accurate anymore. Figured it was my 3d Printer, paid $85 to reprint on 3dHubs, SAME PROBLEM.

Luckily I am now friends with my local 3dHubs member, hopefully he will reprint again on the cheap.

I have a question though, I am using the Rigid Z, when I force the 25mm Z tubes into the Rigid Z it’s so tight it forces my X and Y axis to go out of square (so much so that you can see it with the naked eye!). When I remove the Z tubes you can actually watch the X and Y axis snap back into square! I have drilled all the bearings holes on the rigid Z out so far that I am afraid to go any further as I fear the parts will be ruined and still I can’t stop it forcing my X and Y out of square.

Has anyone checked the Z parts to see if the dimensions are correct? Cause I’m pretty sure they aren’t.

EDIT: Yes I am sure they are IE_ parts (I have a 3dHubs screenshot to prove it), yes I am sure my pipe is 25mm (I’ve bought 25mm Aluminium tube after I suspected the electrical Conduit was causing the problem, the aluminium measures almost dead on 25mm on my calipers).