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No, if you say they are IE parts, that is fine.

I actually checked all the Z axis parts before I printed them, and they are spot on to dimension, but after that date!

So if you downloaded them before that date and printed them months ago, that is your problem! You would need to download
the newer version of all those Z axis IE version of parts.

Vicious1, I’m sure will chime in here, but I thought the new rigid Z parts were in fact all good.

Joe, if you like I can check the the actual parts that you have printed and get back to you with the actual dimension for the tube that fits through. As the STL file that you currently have are all the older ones, you would need to get them to me. I would not suggest you post them up here, only because, if they are incorrect we don’t want others to download them and use them.

This brings to light a request to Vicious1. Can you setup in the forum’s admin area the ability to PM (personal message) others within the forums. That way if others need to send certain information to other people on the forums, it does not have to be in a public forum, for all eyes to see!