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The thing is, it is something other than a wiring problem. As vicious1 pointed out, taking off the endstops solves the problem. If I don’t have the endstop wires connected to the ramps board, the motors have no trouble. Without the endstops I can jog the spindle as much as I like and the amount of time that the cnc is turned on seems to be irrelevant. The problem seems to be related to the endstops being activated. They work properly for a few activations, but then the x-axis, and only the x-axis begins to malfunction. I’m currently looking at the code to see if there’s any problems with how the endstops are being handled. Why is it that resetting the arduino doesn’t fix the problem, but reflashing it does? Perhaps some charge is being retained and whatever flaw is causing the problem isn’t resetting. Perhaps waiting a longer amount time during the power cycle will solve the problem without reflashing. I’m looking through all of this now. It most certainly isn’t a wiring problem.

Please don’t misinterpret my tendency to update posts as progress is made as some type of freak out. I simply feel that if I am working through something, writing my experience as it happens helps me keep it clear in my head as well as allowing others to see what is happening as I go along. It helps others help me, as well as helps me help myself. =)

A new arduino (non-chinese cheap clone) could solve the problem. If not, I certainly could find a use for a new arduino. I haven’t bought a new one yet, but it will probably happen if nothing else seems to be wrong.