Reply To: Australian tube options



Ok. Scratch that. I just found it lol.

I wont post a copy of the invoice (my bosses account number and all his details are on it) but here are the specifics.

Vulcan list it as.

25.4mm X 1.6mm WELDED TUBE 600GRIT G316 ASTM A554 6.00m lenght (5.700kg) Price per length $48.38AUD(inc GST)

Remember this is my bosses “special” price, so you may end up paying a little more, but still cheap as chips.

Also I apologize that I listed it as 25mm tube in an earlier post. It’s not true “metric” tube but actually 1″. Proper 25mm tube is available via special order, at an exorbitant price. I had no issue with the extra .4mm width. It still slid smoothly into the corner blocks with very little resistance. I recommend printing one corner block on your printer (if printing your own) and test to see if you need to adjust any parameters to get a snug fit.

Perhaps vicious could test fit a piece of 1″ tube with his printed parts to confirm comparability for Australian customers buying his kits (not sure if this has been done already or not, sorry)