Reply To: 3D print shifting



I wasn’t trying to down play your excellent design mate, as I am yet to complete my own MPCNC, so it was just speculation at my end.

I was also making the comparison to commercial grade 3d printers (not the typical DIY style most of us are accustomed to).

I am looking forward to completing my own MPCNC and I plan on offloading most of my high volume printing tasks to a MPCNC fitted with a larger 1mm nozzle.

My current printer, a DIY Velleman K8200 will be reserved for small detailed items with a E3D V6 0.25mm nozzle combo. I have heavily modified the K8200 (upgraded z axis, better belts, pullies, drivers, electronics, precision linear bearings and shafts, redesigned x carriage ect) and it now prints at insane detail/quality, but very slowly as a result.

I am very excited to see how fast I can push the MPCNC with the 1mm nozzle. Your results are encouraging. The attached picture shows very impressive print quality. There is very little layer shift (x/y axis movement is maintaining accuracy) , and the z axis movement is consistent (layers seem very uniform). I’m genuinely impressed.