Reply To: Machine Origin



Yes, a G92 X0 Y0 Z0 is a good way to reset the origin at the stock after jogging to it. I just put it in my post file. Below is an example of the first few lines that come out of Fusion 360 and the postprocessor I use. I used to cycle the Arduino power until I realized that G92 was easier. Also note that I change the stepper disable timeout to give me time to change end mills between operations.
Steve C

;T2 D=3.175 CR=0 – ZMIN=-2 – flat end mill
;T3 D=3.175 CR=0 – ZMIN=-10.4 – flat end mill
;T5 D=3.175 CR=1.587 – ZMIN=-14.061 – ball end mill
N10 G90
N15 ;Units in mm
N20 G92 X0 Y0 Z0
N25 M84 S1800 ;Change Stepper disable timeout to 30 minutes
N30 G1 Z5 F2000 ; Lift Z 5mm to avoid dragging to first operation

N35 ;T3
N40 M106
N45 G1 X77.064 Y1.444 F2000
N50 G1 Z15 F2000
N55 G1 Z1 F2000
N60 G1 Z-0.683 F1000