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Yes, I have been researching this for months now.
Yesterday I was at tap plastic looking at there selection of resin for a test part. I talked with a Reynolds Rep 2 months ago for a long time about resin selection he gave me very good information and a ton of sample chips.

Now the down side. Most of my parts are too complicated to mold. The roller motor mounts are fine if you take out the solder-less part, and the roller locks are easy. All the rest are kind of a pain.

So, I could make Version 2 with injection molding in mind. This would cause it to use more hardware but could easily be mass produced. I’m not sure what to do. Places like lulzbot, the makers of the taz, Print all there parts. They have a nice print farm going and there product is very nice. A print farm allows for very fast part revisions. If You start making molds changes are difficult and expensive to make. So I will try to make a few parts mold-able or water jet cut but I am sure most will still have to be printed.

I have been working on the center gantry for version 2 a little bit depending on how that comes out I will make a decision on what to do.