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Learn something new everyday!

I need to clean up the shop a bit but then I would like to mess around with the speeds and accelerations. I know if you slow down the X and Y accel you will get funky corners on 3D prints, right now I believe the X and Y are as low as they should go but I might try turning them down a bit in order to gain some better rapids. The Z definitely needs tuning seems like some people are having plunge rate issues, and I would love faster 3D milling!

Ah…..End stops
I absolutely love them, I feel that everyone should have max end stops on there machine for safety, and most should use minimums as well.
I don’t recommend them or include them because it is the number one troubleshooting question I get. Everyine should run the machine without them first. That way you know everything works. So many people wire them wrong, or they want to use them like a 3D printer with a fixed minimum. I use my CNC for different things so there is no time difference in setting a home by hand or setting a minimum switch each time. That being said, for cnc work having a home is very convenient, for bit changes or if a bit breaks but you really need a touch off z home because the bits will always be a different height. Then that would confuse people that are dependent on them for 3D printing.

Really its just a can of worms I don’t want to trouble shoot. I sell them because they are useful for people that have some machine experience and I’m sure most will end up adding switches. For beginners I feel its best to learn this one step at a time.