Reply To: Z lock



Ahh ok. I was thinking there was some horrible downside I didn’t know about. Yeah, I was thinking a touch off Z, and then changing origin to be at the bottom of stock instead of the top. I use calipers to measure everything so by inputting that in the software it should be able to reliable calculate how far to lift the bit with 0,0 being at the bottom. Right now I typically manually move it to a spot, then drill down, then raise it back up JUST until I can slide some paper under the bit. When changing the bit I try to not move it (keep the motors on), but if it does move I know I can line it back up with the hole (move it until it goes back down into the hole easy), then raise it back up to where a sheet of paper fits under it again.

I was wanting to order the wiring kit from you anyway (wasn’t available when I bought my kit originally), so I think I’ll throw in some limit switches and wiring too. I soldered everything initially, but I need to desolder them to work on something. Figured as long as I was desoldering once might as well change over to your wiring for easy plug/unplug in the future.