Reply To: Z lock



I’m finding for me a big limit on speed seems to be rigidity of the middle component. If I try going much faster through material the DW660 actually starts getting pushed from it’s intended path. It’s not the X/Y steppers though, it’s definitely twisting on the middle part. Sometimes I wonder – what if I took one of those $20 makerslide things and used it just for the middle? A mount that puts the X steppers slightly higher than where the Y steppers are now, then the belt goes across the middle pulling the middle mount along the makerslide.

Although I’ll probably end up trying that wooden middle remix I’ve seen on Thingiverse (thanks to your work I have the machine to cut that wood now) before going the Makerslide route. I am however definitely going to try that $14 4 start leadscrew on Amazon. From my understanding at 2mm pitch, 4 starts, every 1 rotation of the motor SHOULD move it 8mm up or down. That’s a pretty huge difference from the 1.44mm per rotation of the all thread, and at 1/8 microstepping I still get a resolution of 0.000625mm per step which is accurate enough. If I wasn’t trying to keep the cost down to the cheapest stuff I’d just go ahead and get one of those stepping motors that has the lead screw built in for $36 from Robotdigg and get rid of the coupler. $14 vs $36 though – eh, I know I’m going to go the cheaper route. If I didn’t already have the stepper though it seems like it’d be a great deal to get stepper and lead screw all in one, and eliminate the need for the coupler at that price.

The machine can already do some really amazing things – I just want it to go faster now.