Reply To: Z lock



I like the 3D carving projects the best, but when doing a 3D Roughing if I set a pass depth of .06mm it will go along the contours of the 3D model in the wood, back and forth (I can select either X or Y axis) and where it needs to cut deeper it cuts up to .06mm there. The problem is with 3D the Z is constantly moving up and down, so the fastest you can go is the speed of your Z axis. For 3D to come out good I like to use thicker material that gives more depth. Imagine 3D printing something 13 inches by 9 inches by .75 to 1 inch thick and it is going at .06 layer height and limited to 5-10mm print speed. Most of the time it isn’t even cutting (just following the contours of the 3D model where it has already cut down enough). A 17 hour project would only take 8.5 hours if I could double the speed of the Z (and most of the time it is not plunging down into material). If I had a more rigid middle and was able to cut .1 inch per pass that might even come down to about 4 hours.