Reply To: X and Y axis don't want to produce smooth curves

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Ok, I didn’t take the belts off, but I’m pretty sure all of the steppers are working. I moved each a very small amount and each stepper seems to be responding. Plus, they all resist me trying to move them manually after doing that, which tells me the motors are getting power and holding their positions.

I am using your firmware, the version called Marlin_16_32_090615 (I think that’s the recommended one?). I’m using the DRV8825s each with 3 jumpers each for 1/32 step mode.

Yeah, the bottom right looks a little funny because the paper wasn’t 100% flat (it was pretty close) and the sharpie was just barely skimming the surface. I have other examples which lead me to think it’s not the paper but the CNC that’s causing the ripples.

The conduit is smooth but could definitely be smoother. I had thought it might be contributing to the issue before, but wasn’t convinced. Would you recommend sanding it?

Thanks for your help!