Reply To: Stepper motor adjustment and x/y axis movement

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Here’s an update on my issue with skipped steps. It seems to only occur on the x-axis now, especially when doing the final pass of a 3-ring perimeter in curved pieces like the 660 lower tool clamp shown in the photo. Basically it does two perimeter passes fine and on the third pass it speeds up for some odd reason and skips one mm to the left every layer. I’ve tightened the belts as much as I can but there is still some play in them on both axes. These were also printed with an acceleration setting of 500 and xy jerk of 4.0, and I even tried turning down the speed to 80% and even 50% throughout the print to try to reduce skipping but it still skips.

Any thoughts to why it would only occur on these pieces and not rectangular ones? I will try printing the circular bearings you mentioned and see if that skips as well.