Reply To: X and Y axis don't want to produce smooth curves

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I can’t test your file my machine is not that big, so I cut the first few lines down to 300mm instead of 600mm and it worked fine. So I don’t think it is your gcode.
You can preview your gcode in repetier make sure to check the show travel moves box.
Right now your clearance plane is .1mm you should raise that to something more like 2mm. Not that that would effect the diagonal just a tip.

What did you set your drv8825 drivers too? I had this issue with my extruder, I set the stepper too low and it actually stepped, I upped the voltage and it rolled through smoothly.
What size are your steppers? We use 76oz/in steppers and run .5v on the Z axis and .7-1.2v on the X and Y axis.