Reply To: X and Y axis don't want to produce smooth curves

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Great, I’m glad that looks ok. Yeah, I had it not going deep because I was just using a pen.

I hadn’t actually checked until you brought it up. I had initially turned them all the way down, then just increased them until the motors stepped without issue. Now that you mentioned it, I tweaked my settings to match what you recommended: 0.5V on Z and 1V on X and Y (I’m also using 76oz/in steppers), since this was higher than what I was using already. Unfortunately, it l didn’t seem to have much effect on the issue.

So I worked on the only thing I could think of that I hadn’t eliminated through all of these other suggestions, I started sanding my conduit with emery cloth. Now I’m about 90% sure that the bumpiness of my conduit is actually to blame for my non-straight diagonal lines. After about 30 minutes of sanding, my whole CNC moves much more smoothly when I move it manually and my test diagonal line looks much much better. I wouldn’t call it 100% fixed yet, but this seems promising, so I’ll do some more sanding soon.

Thanks again for all of the help!