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Thanks Vicious.

I’ve seen that, but based on being mostly used for 3d print stuff, I wondered about it’s uses for sending gCode more focused on laser projects.

I guess theoretically any sender that works with Marlin would be fine, it’s sending x/y movements and coordinates and the laser/spindle control?

I’m currently reading threads about GRBL w/ Ramps boards, as I already have the XCarve running GRBL and a GRBL specific generator and sender.

May try flashing GRBL on there.

Inventables GRBL is set up for 20 tooth pulleys, so I’d have to either figure out how to change to 16 tooth, or just spend a few bucks and replace the pulleys with ones from them.

I’ll investigate repetier-host when the machine is built and up just to see how it all works.