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I was referencing this link that I found doing some searches in regards to Ramps/GRBL:

Since I have the XCarve, and right now only do basic part cuts for the most part, I’m using their Easel app, bringing in various vector pieces and scaling them and laying them out. Easel generates the paths/gCode, but is, as far as I know, specific to GRBL. It also handles the device communication/gcode sending.

I’m hoping that if all works well and flashing doesn’t prove too much work, to be able to use Easel to do most of the work for me. It would be a whole lot easier (for me, because I’m familiar with the tools) to keep everything in my software tool chain pretty standard. Not that I’m not going to try whatever Inkscape plugins are around and how well they would work for me and use something like Repetier-host as recommended.