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Here are Fusion 360 screenshots of the design and tool paths. They should be in order: the design, 2D contour and holding tabs, 3D adaptive clearing for roughing, and 3D parallel for finishing. My only issue with the tool paths is that the 3D adaptive clearing pass was done with way too much detail and took too long. I need to take a close look at the settings to reduce the resolution. I think I need to change the “fine stepdown” setting to much greater than the 0.5mm that I used. The finishing pass was done with a 0.25mm stepover.

I used a 1/8″ end mill for the contour and roughing and a 1/8″ ball mill for finishing. The spindle is a Makita 1.25HP variable speed router with my holder

I modified a Fusion 360/Marlin post (post processor) file to pause and lock the steppers for tool changes between the passes so this was all done with one gcode file. The post file can be found in this thread

Note that these tool paths do not show how the tool got from the origin to the start of milling. This is specified in the post file. I suggest using a gcode previewer to double check that it behaves properly before running it on your MPCNC. I used the free viewer. I learned this lesson after cutting through one of my holddowns 🙂 .