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The only reason I ask if it can go faster is because people are starting to quote the speeds some people use as a top speed which we all no isn’t true. I just like to get a sense of speeds people are using. I am like you and prefer to cut most things very conservatively, and only speed things up if I make duplicates. I have been getting some comments lately about speeds, from people that probably have only ever used a 3D printer and try to compare stats. Different beast.

The beta firmware has 3 versions to cover screens or no screen. I also reversed the knob direction, for the full graphic. It alows the Z moves faster and enables faster rapids as well without easily being able to over do it and skip steps. Now that I am pretty happy with that firmware I need to dig into estlcam a little deeper rapids seem to be off a bit.

For step over I always use 45% for roughing and only ever change the finishing step-over depending on the part from 1-8%

That ripple is great work.