Reply To: Jamming conduit in to corner rails

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Sorry for the dark pic, was taken last night. In this one, the side with 2 bearings are “up” – as you can see lifted off the piece pretty far just to allow the conduit to slide through gently. In this pic, the single bearing side is flush with the conduit.

After taking it out and sliding it back on again, now the side with 2 bearings are down flush with the plastic piece and sit nicely on the conduit, but the single bearing doesn’t have room to be flush with the plastic piece. At this point, only the edge of the bearing actually touches the conduit.

You can kinda see where the nylock nut is on the one bolt. Barely on enough that the nut doesn’t fall off. If the bolt was any longer, the bearing would miss the conduit entirely.

As I mentioned above, I bought the plastic parts from here and didn’t print them myself hoping to save some time.