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Not sure I entirely understand that.

I had to loosen the nuts and pull the bearings up off the plastic just to slide the conduit all the way through, otherwise it would jam on the second pressed bearing. (the ones sandwiched between 2 sides of plastic and using the longer bolt that also holds the motor mount.

In that pic above, there’s about no way those 2 bearings would slide down to be flush with the roller plastic. If I take the conduit out, I can press those 2 down, but then have to lift the single bearing side up like that to get enough clearance for the conduit. Maybe if I wrench down on the nut it will start sliding the bearing around the rail? Being new to hardware like this, I wasn’t sure if that could/would in any way destroy the bearing with too much lateral pressure.

This is Home Depot 3/4″ EMT conduit, and the OD was measured above. So I don’t think the rails are a problem.

Maybe I’m being too delicate with the plastic…but in trying to do the screwdriver trick SteveC mentioned, I heard a small bit of cracking noise (nothing visible) just putting the first corner block on.

Will work on it a little again when I get home. Just having a hard time visualizing how it will go together without breaking something.